20. Scorpio.

    On the left, is my cousin, Josh. He is in the military. On the right, is his son, William. When my cousin’s wife, Cynthia, was pregnant, the doctors had showed them the MRI scan she had done. They could see that William’s spine had quit growing at the fifth lumbar. The doctor said, “Everything from here down is going to have issues. You’ll need to catherize him at a minimum of every 2 hours, and give him enemas every morning, and lifelong diapers. I can’t stress to you enough the importance of catherization. And in addition to the bowel and urinary issues, he probably won’t have sexual function. The day after he’s born he’ll need a drainage shunt installed in his brain to relieve the swelling in his left ventricle, and those usually get infected and have to be replaced several times throughout a person’s life…Because of the brain swelling there’s a good chance he’ll have a lower IQ than his classmates. Are you set on keeping this pregnancy?” All Cynthia could say, was “Yes”. The doctor continued to tell them that if they did keep the pregnancy that they were looking at a lifetime of physical, financial, and emotional pain. Now, Cynthia was already 22 weeks pregnant at this point. More than halfway through. But her doctor was trying to convince her that aborting William was the “quickest, easiest, and possibly most ‘civil’ solution to the problem.” Words from Cynthia:  ”When we got home the grief hit us even harder when we attempted to utter the dreadful words over the phone to our families. We’d get half the sentence out, and then only our lips would move as silent cries took over. We could barely take the news in ourselves, and now we were having to tell our families that their first grandson, their nephew, was going to be born with Spina Bifida.” Cynthia was given the option to abort up until 39 weeks because of the “special” circumstance. Cynthia gave birth to William at 38 weeks. 

    William is now 23 months old. He runs, jumps, and plays just like other kids his age. He even knows sign language. He does get ill way easier than most, but that doesn’t make any of us love him any less. He honestly is a blessing to have in our family and a miracle from God. Just because a doctor tells you that your baby would be better aborted than born, don’t listen. God makes everything happen for a reason. If Cynthia would have listened, we wouldn’t have William today.

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    Good for her, but her decision should not be used to dictate the decisions of other uteri-owners. She made a CHOICE, and...
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